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Wood Pole Inspector   


Many Adventure parks are built on wooden poles. Wooden poles have a limited life span and be exposed to the weather and the external forces of a trail. The location and climate where the Adventure park is situated can influence on the decline of the pole and the inroads by nature.


Inspection of wooden poles is necessary to identifed early damage and inroads by dry rot.


Ropes Course Solutions has develop in  cooperation with Technical Outdoor Solutions the only certified training for wooden pole inspection develops in the industry.


The course provides information and guidance for inspectors and manufacturers, regarding the selection, inspection, repair and criteria for wooden poles and wooden parts which used in a rope course is to use.


Course details:


Duration                                          : 3 days including examination


Minimum age                                   : 18


Maximum number of participants       : 6


Required experience: All participants must hold a valid Rescue certificate.


Depending on the participants the course language can be Englisch, German or dutch


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7-9 June 2023

Röfors, Sweden

1 june 2023

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