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For the safe and responsible management of an adventure park a certain set of specific skills and knowledge is required. Ropes Course Solutions has developed 2 management level training courses which support the running of an adventure park or ropes course in a most economically viable way. We have used our years of experience and knowledge in the ropes course industry to develop a training course specifically geared towards owners and managers of adventure parks either in trees or on poles.


Ropes Course manager


Our Ropes Course Manager training course in the ideal course for any person in charge of the daily management of an adventure park or ropes course and who is (part) responsible for the operational organisation of the ropes course.


A ropes course manager is responsible for the safety of an adventure park. This job requires important leadership capabilities. The ropes course manager must be able to make decisions relating to the safety of all the participants. Our Ropes Course manager training course insures adequate preparation for all those taking on these responsibilities. This course covers topics relating to the operational execution of an adventure park.


Course details:


Duration: 2.5 days including examination


Minimum age: 18


Maximum number of participants: 15 participants



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