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The EN 15567 – 2 regarding the operation of a ropes course describes the requirement of daily inspection of the climbing equipment used by the participant. This inspection must be done by a competent person. We at Ropes Course Solutions have developed a training course specifically for the ropes course industry which allows you to become competent with regards to the mater of inspection and checks of this equipment.


During this 3 day training course you will become familiar with the inspection standards and requirements regarding the equipment used in an adventure park. We will cover, extensively, the use of materials and their standards and requirements. We will also be able to show you damaged and retired adventure park equipment.


When successfully concluding this training course your will be regarded as a competent person with regards to the EN 15567 – 2 annex B and you will be able to regular inspect the equipment used in your adventure park or ropes course.



This training course has a theory part and a practical part.


Course details


Duration: 3 days including examination


Minimum age: 18


Maximum number of participants: 10


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